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Did you miss Dr. Bruno’s Polio Paradox lecture during his book tour? If you heard him, would you like a reminder?

In 75 fascinating and often funny minutes Dr. Bruno discusses, in his own inimitable style, his best-selling book, The Polio Paradox, describing the cause, diagnosis and treatment of Post-Polio Sequelae and the remarkable historical and physiological relationships between the polio epidemics, the polioviruses, "polio-like" viruses (like Enterovirus 68) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis plus fibromyalgia, including:

•  How you got polio.
•  What polio did to your brain, your body…and your mind.
•  Did “Baby Boomers” who have CFS/ME today actually have PPS?
•  Did the poliovirus or polio vaccine cause CFS/ME?
...and of course finishing with "The Golden Rule.”

Enjoy this companion to The Polio Paradox while you support, with your tax deductible donation to the International Centre for Polio Education, their world-wide work of educating about the need for continued polio vaccination and about the needs, cause and treatment of Post-Polio Sequelae.   More / Purchase


THE POLIO SURVIVORS HANDBOOK, given to all Post-Polio Institute patients, contains the research-based and time-tested protocol that has been found to successfully treat Post-Polio Sequelae. But this "home version" of the HANDBOOK has been rewritten to educate you, your local doctor and therapists so that you can receive the same customized treatment for PPS close to your home that you would receive at The Post-Polio Institute.

The HANDBOOK explains the causes of PPS symptoms: fatigue, muscle weakness, pain, sleep disorders, cold intolerance and heightened sensitivity to pain and anesthesia. Then, the HANDBOOK helps you to identify and avoid PPS symptom "triggers" and describes a combination of energy conservation, diet, assistive devices, stress and pain management -- BUT NOT EXERCISE -- that addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of PPS, helping you to substitute the old “Use it or Lose it” philosophy for a new “Conserve to Preserve” lifestyle that reduces fatigue, muscle weakness, pain and stress.  More / Purchase

How to STOP Being Vampire Bait:
Your Personal Stress Annihilation Program



Dr. Richard Bruno, the world's expert on STRESS and Post-Polio Sequelae, teaches you not merely to manage but actually to annihilate STRESS with his new e-book, How to STOP Being Vampire Bait: Your Personal Stress Annihilation Program.  More / Purchase

Life Skills for Polios: A light-hearted handbook

From “Down Under,” Australian journalist, artist, author and polio survivor Fran Henke presents the ideal book for polio survivors wanting to know how to manage, not only post-polio symptoms, but also how gracefully to:

• Downsize home and life.
• Demand the right chair.
• Find much needed sleep.
• Exercise without overdoing it.
• Avoid falls and worse problems.
• Manage the “Big Four” painful body parts.
• Go shopping when supermarkets are too big and too far.

Life Skills also addresses hard-to-talk-about and unexpected issues like incontinence, dealing with anaesthetists, recognizing heat and cold intolerance, embracing the brace and coping with childhood abuse.

In 128 packed pages, Fran Henke has gathered the latest information from world polio experts and "lived it" experts -- polio survivors themselves -- to bring together a wide range of solutions to the diverse issues that affect "polios." Life Skills, with Fran’s quirky illustrations, may also help families and carers understand and appreciate what’s going on with PPS.   More / Purchase


Vicki McKenna's wonderful book is an "inside out" way of thinking about and managing PPS. Her practical strategies and holistic approach encourages even Type A polio survivors to slow down and listen to what their bodies, hearts - and even souls - are telling them: "Do for yourself as you have been doing for others." A Balanced Way Of Living is unusual because it includes dietary, natural and alternative therapies for PPS plus a unique Eastern view that outlines meditation, breathing and yoga as PPS treatments. The book is clearly and sympathetically written by a polio survivor who is also a acupuncture therapist and includes many case studies. By following McKenna's strategies, polio survivors cannot help but feel better, inside and out.   More / Purchase

Hot Water, Orange Juice 'n' Kids...

"Millie's writing? In a word, spectacular! In eight words: incredibly insightful, wonderfully witty, marvelously moving, fabulously funny."

Dr. Richard L. Bruno
Chairperson, International Post-Polio Task Force

Hot Water, Orange Juice 'n' Kids is the long-awaited collection of Millie Malone Lill's columns from "Gleanings," the newsletter of the Nebraska Polio Survivors Association, and "Polio Perspectives," her online newsletter. Lill's unique insights about life and about disability are mixed with humor and great wit, the spoonsful of sugar that help the medicine go down with a laugh, a knowing nod and the occasional tear.  More / Purchase

Square Pegs, Round Holes 'n' Pigeonholes

Millie’s Back And You Can Have Her!

Millie Malone Lill, the “Mark Twain of polio survivors,” returns to random harvest with her combination of mid-western charm and razor-sharp wit in Square Pegs, Round Holes ‘n’ Pigeonholes. Join Millie in her native Iowa, on her trips through America and then into Canada, where’s she’s run off with a Canadian truck driver! It’s scooter versus eighteen-wheeler…and if you know Millie, you know who wins that race, eh?

Another 198 pages of pure Millie. If you are a polio survivor (or wish you were) you will love her new book as much as her first best-seller, Hot Water, Orange Juice ’n’ Kids:   More / Purchase

"The Two Breath Time Out"

Guided Relaxation MP3 to Accompany
How to Stop Being Vampire Bait

Maureen McGovern, two-time Grammy and Tony Award nominee and founder of the "Works Of Heart Project for Music and Healing," has recorded something special for everyone who wants to annihilate stress. Maureen's soothing voice guides you through Dr. Richard Bruno's relaxation exercise, "The Two Breath Time Out," from How to Stop Being Vampire Bait .



"A witty and winding thriller that keeps you guessing until the last page, Crocodile Tears' plot might be tomorrow's 'New York Times' headline."

Sir Arthur C. Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey

Welcome to the sweltering summer of 2016. Thanks to the disintegration of Iraq and a unified O.P.E.C., oil is more than $250 a barrel. Americans can't afford the electricity to turn on their air conditioners nor gas to drive to the beach. And what is Otis K. Freeman, America's first black president, doing about this? He's sweating the loss of Democratic primaries to the stern, tough-as-nails Wilhelmina "Wild Blue Willie" Edmund, Speaker of the House, former B-2 bomber pilot and Congressional Medal of Honor winner, campaigning to end America's dependence on foreign oil through conservation.  More / Purchase


Robbie Pancrazio is out-of-work and arguably going out of his mind. After writing Tony Award-winning books and lyrics for Broadway musicals, Robbie can't get a job. Why? New York's theaters are being occupied by the British, or at least one British composer's "soap operas with one catchy song," the latest being "Eva," a singing and dancing portrait of Hitler's mistress. Adding insult to Robbie's professional injuries is "Mikey Moose," America's first cartoon icon. "The Moose," once a respected creator of animated children's films and theme parks, rebuilt Broadway and perpetually fills their theaters with fulsome musical productions based on its own films. So, an unemployed Robbie smokes and smolders, drinks and rages, develops ticks and hears "The RumDums," sounds in his head like muffled voices that he can't quite make out.

Just when his career, his sanity and the American musical theater all seem lost, Robbie is called by Stephen Sender, the dean of Broadway composers. No longer able to write lyrics because of a stroke, Sender asks Robbie to join him in creating "a real Broadway musical to lampoon the British hack and 'The Moose'." Robbie writes a show to Sender's specifications, only to have Sender discard it.  More / Purchase


Uncovering the Hidden History of Polio to Understand and Treat "Post-Polio Syndrome" and Chronic Fatigue, by Dr. Richard L. Bruno was published in June 2002 by Warner Books.

This 340 page book is devoted to the enlightenment and empowerment of patients having some eleven interconnected chronic neurological and related disabilities, ranging from post polio sequelae, ME/CFS and fibromyalgia to multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and other chronic pain and fatigue syndromes.  Purchase through barnesandnoble.com