Vicki McKenna's wonderful book is an "inside out" way of thinking about and managing PPS. Her practical strategies and holistic approach encourages even Type A polio survivors to slow down and listen to what their bodies, hearts - and even souls - are telling them: "Do for yourself as you have been doing for others." A Balanced Way Of Living is unusual because it includes dietary, natural and alternative therapies for PPS plus a unique Eastern view that outlines meditation, breathing and yoga as PPS treatments. The book is clearly and sympathetically written by a polio survivor who is also a acupuncture therapist and includes many case studies. By following McKenna's strategies, polio survivors cannot help but feel better, inside and out.

PRAISE for A Balanced Way Of Living

I am writing to thank you so much for "A Balanced Way of Living." It has answered so many questions for me and will, I am sure, change my life completely. At last I know the "why", in answer to so many questions perplexing me for far too long! (G.H-J. UK)

I see myself in the things you talk about and see answers to things I didn't understand. Thank you for this book. (S.M. USA)

I want to say I found it to be a considerable comfort to me and I thank you for writing it. (G.B. Dorset UK )


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