Father & Son, Survivors & Spies
A Novel Autobiography

A novel autobiography of an unusual man. SECRETS: Father & Son, Survivors & Spies is the story of a college student turned Naval officer and “spy catcher” who ultimately becomes a doctor. But the foundation of the book is the tale of a son and his father, a mother who would not let them be father and son and the consequences of her actions.

This autobiography is novel in that each chapter written by the author is paired with the recollections by the author’s friends and acquaintances, validating the saga of a brilliant and successful man trying to overcome a lifetime of abuse, begun in earliest childhood, in a race against time to make peace with his father, who himself had been a “spy” behind enemy lines during World War II. The exploits of both father and son are revealed here for the first time, as are the recently declassified details of a program to protect America against Soviet attack, a program needed again today as the Chinese and North Koreans deploy their own ballistic missile submarines.

Although unique, this story will resonate with every survivor of abuse – emotional, sexual, physical – and have the reader rooting for the author, hoping at every painful turn in his life that he finds peace with his father…and within himself.

But can there just be “too much” abuse in one lifetime to overcome, making peace an impossible dream? SECRETS: Father & Son, Survivors & Spies gives one answer by recounting the lives of two remarkable men.


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