Rejection pushes Robbie over the edge. But, what is a crazed lyricist to do in August when all of Manhattan's shrinks are vacationing on Cape Cod? Fortunately, Robbie meets an Irish emegre, Aillen Courvade, who arranges for Robbie to become her patient. Robbie's mental state improves almost overnight, but only as Aillen mysteriously adopts all of Robbie's symptoms.

Just as he is recovering, the infamous British composer is killed outside of Robbie's apartment and an attempt is made on Robbie's life. To save Robbie, Aillen's reveals the truth about her remarkable past, helps to turn the tables on Robbie's adversaries and creates the opportunity for him to return to Broadway.

Blue Moon is a magical, Broadway musical mystery, supernatural and surprising, but also a wry and witty commentary on the future of the American musical theater and also a reflection on what's really important in life.


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